Bungan Jepun is a spa, hotel and salon supplier. We sell a variety of equipment and spa products (body scrubs, aromatherapy massage oils, essential oils, boreh, stone massage, bed massage, aromatherapy shampoo, aromatherapy conditioner, candles, body mask, milk bath, shorodara oil, shirodara tools, bath salts, vco, olive oil, pedicure manicure, etc.), certain price (towel, body, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc), and salon (facial, creambath, staining, etc)

Owner of UD.Bungan Jepun 

Bungan Jepun Profil is a home industry focus on the manufacture of spa products, salons and hotel amenities that was established on March 1, 2011. Early establishment of UD. Bungan Jepun originated from the Home industry, namely one location with a residence, as the development progressed, now the company UD. Bungan Jepun already has its own factory location of 200 m2, and has a warehouse of finished products covering an area of ​​250 m 2, and UD.

Bungan Jepun has opened marketing branches in the Karangasem region and Gianyar region.